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Terms & Conditions

1, The auction takes place on behalf of and for the account of the owners, and it is organised and conducted by the PROCOPIUS Kft. 

2, All items can be viewed and examined during the time of the exhibition. (Address: Vörösmarty u. 65 1064 Budapest Hungary) Descriptions of the items are given in good faith. The items will be auctioned with the indication of their errors and grading. Justified complaints (discovering a serious error e.g. a trace of mounting, a hole plugged, a solder mark, which are not indicated in the description. 

3, The authenticity of every coin and medal is guaranteed by the Procopius Kft. 

4, All prices are in Euro. Starting prices are listed, bids below these minimum prices cannot be accepted. 

5, Participating in the auction is possible by mail, email, and live via internet. 

6, The buyer is obliged to take the items and pay for them after the live auction. Every buyer is liable for all his purchases he made. 

7,An additional charge of 15% is added to the adjudcation price. Purchase price consists of the adjudications price and the additional charge. You can pay in forint or in euro. Currency rates will taken from MNB daily course. 

8, We are ready to give information on the items in advance too. Withdrawal of any kind should be made in written form. Only the Hungarian text is legal force. The court of competency for any legal proceedings is Budapest/ Hungary your social media marketing partner

Az árverésre történő átvétel, illetve a felvásárlás helye:

Budapest, VI. kerület, Vörösmarty u. 61.

Nyitvatartás: Hétfőtől-péntekig 10 és 18 óra között